Fascial Stretch Therapy is a stretching technique designed by Ann and Chris Fredrick to help individuals improve their flexibility by lengthening the fascia. As time passes, the connective tissue surrounding the body can thicken and shorten due to physical and mentor stressors (poor posture, lack of exercise, past injury, or stress). Ann first started stretching pro athletes in 1996 when she worked with the men’s U.S. Olympic wrestling team. It was evident that her techniques were helping athletes increase their performance while reducing the chance of injury. Chris is the director of sports and orthopedic rehabilitation at the Stretch to Win Center and has worked with several athletes in the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

This technique treats fascia at the deepest level. It restores movement and reduces pain associated with arthritis or intense training. It also improves performance and reduces recovery time for high performance athletes. Past experiences show that individuals will achieve 30-60% more flexibility in their range of motion as the fascia layers become more strong and pliable.