Sport Specific Training

Long term athletic development is focused on building longevity and character to help athletes achieve the next level of performance. We have experience in the following athletic categories:

Amateur athletes: Young talent that is striving to achieve athletic scholarships or take their game to the next level.

Professional athletes: We have athletes in the NHL,AHL,OHL,CFL,NLL & on Olympic teams who are looking for in-season and off-season training to ensure they achieve world leading results. High intense levels of strength and dry land training in conjunction with strict nutritional protocols are required to elevate skill, ability, and technique.

Retired athletes: Some are looking to get back to their athletic roots and feel good, look great and become proactive in fighting off major health risks such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

We not only develop explosive power in the gym but we recognize that speed and agility are equally important to an individual’s performance. We have certified national track coaches that are able to focus on speed development and share their expertise and knowledge to guarantee faster results. Strict guidelines and attention to detail make all the difference in speed development. Coaches also use live video which allows them to evaluate their athlete’s performance and provide instant feedback. This feedback is important for an athlete’s progression and self-awareness.