• Personal Training

    Our mission is to help individuals achieve optimal health and performance by providing superior coaching, expert knowledge, and a first-class environment. We work with individuals of all ages and all abilities to help them achieve their personal goals.

  • Sports Specific Training

    We work with athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur athlete, we take a scientific approach to help you train like a pro.

    ● Structural balance & body composition assessment ● Personalized program design ● 1 on 1 or small group training ● Physical Testing and Monitoring ● Keiser Power Machines ● Linear speed development and biomechanic work

  • Nutrition Plans

    We offer comprehensive diet and nutrition guidance to our clients. Through our partnership with Metagenics we offer evidence-based supplementation protocols to aid in optimal health and performance.

  • Treatment and Rehabilitation

    Fascial Stretch therapy – Our team is trained to utilise manual techniques including FST to aid in improving mobility and range of motion, reducing injury risk and improving movement quality Athletic Therapy – Anyone can work with our certified athletic therapists who have extensive experience with treating athletes from the NHL, CFL and OHL.

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