Our strength programs are carefully planned and developed based on the results of your structural balance assessment and BioSignature®. A customized training program takes into account rest, recovery, reps, sets, and time under tension to calculate a winning formula for each athlete. All of these factors play a role in the body’s response to certain amounts of stress which is critical to your results.

Our goal as your strength coach is to get you healthy and strong! Day in and day out we want to see improvements as it relates to your personal goal or sport. Our dedication to consistent learning and our passion for results make an effective combination to provide you with superior coaching.


We believe the most effective workouts are when clients and coaches work one-on-one over a set time period. Most individuals and athletes need structure and guidance to help them perfectly execute each exercise. You will typically see faster results as your coach is able to focus on only you. Your coach will also motivate and inspire you to work your hardest and achieve new milestones.


Small enough unlike so many classes out there where individual coaching is impossible, which is why we limit the number to 6 clients max per class! We’re KNOWN for helping people get results.
– We want our regular personal training clients to step up their training and get in more sessions, without breaking the bank.
– We want to teach as many people as possible what properly coached,carefully constructed, physically demanding workouts are all about.
– We want our group training participants to get closer to the body or level of fitness they’ve always wanted, but never quite been able to achieve.These coached small group sessions are equally intense and demand the athlete’s assistance in inspiring and pushing each other to their potential. Feeling like part of a team makes the process much more fun!
The coach is present for questions, exercise descriptions, and to ensure proper technique is performed.
Each month you will meet with a strength coach to evaluate clients’ body composition using BioSignature Modulation® then we design clients a new program based on your results