Poliquin Instant Muscle Strength Technique (PIMST)

Charles Poliquin designed this acupressure technique to allow coaches to give their athletes instant flexibility and strength improvement. Coach Sean Young can administer this technique anytime during your workout to help increase flexibility or strength. For example if an athlete can only get 80% of the range of motion they will only receive 80% of the benefits of that exercise. By using PIMST, the athlete can gain the capacity to achieve the full 100% range of motion and therefore gain 100% of the benefits! Some of the techniques can even improve an individual’s strength by up to 10% by simply stimulating the nervous system. This is vital for making continuous strength gains which will produce superior results in every workout. One of the key benefits of PIMST is that once administered to the athlete, the body will continue to receive long term benefits from the adjustments.