Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals achieve optimal health and performance by providing superior coaching, expert knowledge, and a first-class environment.  We work with individuals of all ages and all abilities to help them achieve their personal goals.

What makes Canadian Strength Institute™ unique is our service commitment and our training philosophy.  We stand out above other training facilities with our commitment to researching and developing the latest innovations in sports specific training as well as our dedication to nothing but excellence. We have the unique distinction of being one of a few national facilities that bring together high performance able-bodied and para-athletes to train side by side.  It is this that elevates Canadian Strength above all others in the field and creates the inspiring environment where athletes want to train.

We are dedicated to being a positive environment which will enrich athletic development, build confidence and increase the overall health of individual athletes.  We believe in building customized programs and nutritional advice for you; we are all created differently and we are committed to finding the perfect training regimen to help you meet your goals.